Customer Reviews

Jacqueline S.
I am so thankful for the beautiful portrait Christina did of my beloved dog of 15 1/2 years. I was so lucky to have had her do Gigi’s portrait before she passed away, it’s like she’s still with me. I never knew that there were so many different versions of cream. Christina is amazing with color and capturing the dog’s soul. I will forever be thankful that Christina painted her portrait.

Alison P.
Christina was amazing to work with and she captured my dog, Lexy, with perfection!

Maggie E.
Christina captured the character of Magee, our Irish Terrier, perfectly. Her coloring and expression are just right. A wonderful result!

Genie E.W.

I commissioned Christina to paint a portrait of my parent’s puppy Pixie Lily for my Father’s 80th Birthday! The outcome was perfection and she captured all aspects of her whimsical, puppy personality . Pixie Lily is a corgipoo and her fur has wispy hairs that were truly hard to replicate and Christina was able to paint them with exactly the same color and detail which is difficult to do with watercolor.

I was impressed with her communication with me while painting as it is a difficult process to recreate a dog’s personality as well as his/her physical body. She was wonderful to work with. She is Professional and eager to make her clients happy as she is precise and detailed with every piece of artwork. My parent’s were thrilled with her work and it is prominently framed under their other deceased dog Inky’s portrait .